The Hanging

Is Gettysburg So Different?

To remind people of what actually occurred, I plan to reenact a witch hanging execution on June 10, 2018; 326 years after Bridget Bishop was first hanged on Gallows Hill. This historical performance is meant to shock some reality back into a city that caters to souvenir hungry tourists who prefer Hocus Pocus to Fact.   


The reenactment will begin at the corner of Federal and St. Peter Street - the site of the old witch Goal (torn down 1956).  An actress playing Bridget Bishop will be restrained with ropes and escorted into the back of an ox cart, which will then proceed to Gallows Hill.  


Aside from one or two blocks, the ox and cart will retrace the same route that Bishop took in 1692. Spectators are encouraged to watch from the street or follow the procession as it travels 1 mile to the site of the execution. 


While the actual hangings are believed to have taken place at Proctors Ledge (.2 miles away), Gallows Hill Park is far better suited to conduct a reenactment, allowing more people to view the event. 


The actual hanging will be safely overseen by a professional Stunt Coordinator who has replicated realistic hangings for both movie and television productions. The actress playing Bishop will be able to portray a realistic hanging, an act that may be disturbing to watch.