Statement of Susannah Sheldon v. Bridget Bishop, Mary English, Phillip English, Giles Corey, and Martha Corey

on the foarth#[aa] day at night Came goody olliver and m'rs english 
and good man Cor[ ] and a blak man with a hicrouned hatt with 
books in their hands goody olliver bad mee touch her booke i would 
not i did not know her name shee told me her name was goody olliver 
and bid me touch her booke now i bid her tel mee how long 
 shee had been a witch shee told mee shee told mee s[ ] had been a 
witch above twenti years then their Came a streked snake creeping 
over her shoulder and crep into her bosom mrs english had a yelo 
bird in her bosom and good man Core had two tircels hang to his 
Coat and hee opened his bosom and put his turcls to his brest and 
gave them suck then good man core and goody olliver kneeled doune 
beefoar the blak man and went to prayer and then the blak man told 
mee goody olliver had been a witch twenti years and a #[ ] half then 
they all set to biteing mee and so went away the next day Came 
good man Core mrs english in the morning and told mee i should not eat 
no vittals i took a spoon and put on spoonful in my mouth and good man Core
gave mee a blow on the ear and allmoast choaked mee then 
he laughed at mee and told mee i would eat when he told mee i 
should not then he Clenched my hands that they Could not bee opened 
for more then a quarter of an our then Came phillip english and and 
told mee if i would touch his book hee would not bit mee but i 
refusid then hee did bite mee and went away

the sixth day at night Came goody olliver and mrs english good man Core
and his wife goodwy Core s profered mee a book i re- 
fused it and asked her whear she lived she told mee she lived in bos- 
ton prisson then shee puled out her brest and the blak man gave her 
a thing like a blake pig it had no haire on it and she put it to her 
brest and gave it suck and when it had sucked on brest shee put it 
the other and gave it suck their then shee gave it to the blak man then 
they went to praier to the blak man then goody olliver told me that 
shee had kiled foar women two of them wear the fosters wifes and 
john trasks wife and did not name the other then they did all bitt 
mee and went away then the next day Cam goody Core Choaked 
mee and told mee i would not eat when my dame bid mee but now 
i should eat none

Susanna Sheldon ag't oliver Englis & his wife Core & his wife
good bucklie & her daughter & boston woman