Testimony of Samuel and Sarah Shattuck v. Bridget Bishop

Sam'll Shattock aged 41 years testifieth that in the year 1680 
Bridged Oliver formerly wife to old Goodman Oliver: now wife to 
Edward Bishop did Come to my hous pretending to buy an old hh'd 
w'ch tho I asked verry little for: & for all her pretended want She
went away w'th out it: & Sundry other tymes she came in a Smooth 
flattering maner in very Slighty Errants; wee have thought Since on 
purpos to work mischeif: at or very near this tyme o'r Eldest Child 
who promised as much health & understanding both by Countenance 
and actions as any other Children of his years: was taken in a very 
drooping Condition and as She Came oftener to the hous he grew 
wors & wors: as he would be standing at the door would fall #[and] 
out & b[]ruis his face upon a great Step Stone. #[i] as if he had bin 
thrust out bye an invissible hand: often tymes falling & hitting his face 
ag'st the Sides of the #[h?] hous: bruising his face in a 
very misserable maner: after this the abovesaid Oliver brought me 
a pair of Sleeves to dye & after that Sundry peeces of lace Som of 
w'ch were Soe Short that i could not judge them fit for any uce: she 
 p'd me 2'd for dying them w'ch 2'd I #[a] gave to Henery Will'ms w'ch 
lived w'th me he told me put it in a purs among Som other mony 
w'ch he locked up in a box & that the purs & money was gon out of 
the Box he Could not tell how; & never found it after just after the 
dying of these things this child was taken in a terrible fit; his mouth 
& Eyes drawne aside and gasped in Such a maner as if he was upon the 
point of death; after this he grew wors in his fits: and out of them 
would be allmost allways crying that for many months he would be 
crying till natures strenght was Spent & then would fall asleep and 
then awake & fall to crying & moaning; that his very Countenance 
did bespeak Compassion; and at lenght wee p'rceived his understand- 
ing decayed Soe that wee feared (as it has Since proved) that he would 
be quite bereaft of his witts; for Ever Since he has bin Stupified and 
voide of reason his fitts Still following of him; after he had bin in this 
kind of Sicknes Som tyme he has gon into the garden & has got 
upon a board of an inch thick w'ch lay flat upon the ground & wee 
have Called him; he would Com to the Edge of the board & hold out 
his hand & make as if he would Com but Could not till he was helped 
of the board; other tymes when he has got upon a board as aforesaide 
my wife has Said She has ofered him a Cake & mony to Com to her 
and he has held out his #[reach] hand & reach't after it but Could not 
Com till he has bin help't of the board; by w'ch i Judge Som inchantm 
kep't him on 
about 17 or 18 months after, the first of this Ilnes there 
Came a Stranger #[Came] to my hous & pittyed this Child and Said among 
other word's wee are all borne Som to one thing & Som to another; I 
asked him & w't doe you Say this Child is borne too he replyed he 
is born to be bewitched and is bewitched I told him he did not know; 
he said, he did know & Said to me you have a neighbo'r that lives not 
far of that is a witch: I told him wee had noe neighb'r but w't was 
honest folke; he replyed you have a neighb'r that is a witch & She 
has had a falling out w'th yo'r wife. & Said in her hart y'r wife is 
a proud #[proud] woman & She#[ld] would bring downe her pride in this Childe: 
I paused in my Selfe & did rememb'r that my wif (Reverse) [mye] wife had told 
me that goodwife Oliver had bin at the hous & spoke to her to beat 
Henry Will'ms that lived w'th us & that She went away muttering 
& She thought threatning; but little before o'r child was taken ill; I 
told the aforesaid Stranger that there was Such a woman as he Spoke of; 
he asked where She lived for he would goe & See her if he knew how: 
I gave him mony & bid him ask her for a pot of Syd'r; away he went 
& i Sent my boy w'th him who afte'r a short tyme: both returned; 
the boys face bleeding & i asked w't was the matter they told me the man #[kn]
knock't at the door & goody oliver Came to the door & asked the 
Stranger w't he would have he told her a pot of Syd'r she Saide he 
Shewld have none & bid him get out & took up a Spade & made him 
goe out She followed him & when She came w'thout the poarch She 
Saw mye boy & run to him & Scratched his face & made it bleed; 
Saying to him thou roague w't dost thou bring this fellow here to 
plague me; now this man did Say before he went; that he would fetch 
blood of her 
And Ever Since this Child hath bin followed w'th 
grevious fitts as if he would never rcover moor: his hed & Eyes 
drawne aside Soe as if they would never Come to rights moor lying 
as if he were in a maner dead falling any where Either into fier or 
water if he be not Constantly looked too, and generally in Such an 
uneasie and restles frame allmost allways runing too & fro acting 
Soe Strange that I cannot judge otherwise but that he is bewitched 
 and by these circumstances doe beleive that the aforesaid 
Bridged Oliver now Called Bishop is the Caus of it and it has bin the Judgem't 
of Docters Such as lived here & forreigners: that he is under an Evill 
 hand of witchcraft


Sam'll Shattock 
& Sarah Shattock 

affirmeth upon the oath they have taken 
to the truth of w't is above written 
Jurat in Curia June 2'd 92 

attest *Steph: Sewall Cler 
Eved. Against Bridget Bishop. 9 
p Sam'l Shadock & wife