Physical Examination of Bridget Bishop , Rebecca Nurse , Elizabeth Proctor , Alice Parker , Susannah Martin , and Sarah Good , No. 1.

1692 Salem June 2'd aboute 10 in Morning

Wee whose names are under written being Comanded by Capt 
George Corwine Esq'r Sherriffe of the County of Essex this 2'd day 
of June 1692 for to vew the bodyes of Bridgett Bishop alias Oliver

Rebecah Nurse 
Elizabeth procter 
Alice parker 
Susanna Martine 
Sara Good

The first three, Namely: Bishop : Nurse: procter , by dilligent search 
have discovered apreternathurall Excresence of flesh between the 
pudendum and Anus much like to Tetts & not usuall in women 
& much unlike to the other three that hath been searched by us 
& that they were in all the three women neer the same place

*J Barton Chyrurgen

Alice pickering 
 her marke

Jane Woolings 
 her marke

Marjery Williams 
 her marke

Anna Stephens 
 her marke

Elizabeth Hill 
 her marke

Elanor Henderson 
 her marke

Rebecah Sharpe 
 her marke

Lydia Pickman

*Hannah Kezer

Sworne in Court June 2'd 1692 

Attest * Step: Sewall Cle