Physical Examination of Bridget Bishop , Rebecca Nurse , Elizabeth Proctor , Alice Parker , Susannah Martin , and Sarah Good , No. 2.

(Reverse) Salem aboute 4 afternoon June 2'd 1692 .

We whose names are Subscribed to the w'th in mentioned, upon 
a second search about 3 or 4 houres distance, did find the said 
Brigett Bishop alias Oliver , in a clear & free state from any p'eter- 
naturall Excresence, as formerly seen by us alsoe Rebecah Nurse in 
stead of that Excresence w'thin Mentioned it appears only as a dry 
skin without sense, & as for Elizabeth procter which Excresence 
like a tett red & fresh, not any thing appears, but only a proper [ pro- 
cedeulia Ani,] & as for Susanna Martine whose breast in the Morn- 
 ing search appeared to us very full; the Nibbs fresh & starting, now 
at this searching all lancke & pendant which is all at pr'sent from 
the w'th in Memtioned subscribers and that that piece of flesh of 
Goodwife Nursess' formerly seen is gone & only a dry skin near- 
er to the anus in another place

Rebecah Sharpe 
the marke of 
Eli zabeth Hill 
Lidia pickman 
Elanor Henderson 
 her marke 
*J Barton Chyrurgen 
Alice pickring 
*Hannah Kezer 
Marjery Williams 
Anna Stephens 
Jane Wollings 

Sworne in Court June 2'd 1692 
(Reverse) Jury of Womens Return