Finally, something done right

The following inscriptions (in red), taken from 17th-century court records,

have been included in the memorial's threshold: 

"Oh Lord, Help me." -Rebecca Nurse

"I am no witch. I am innocent. I know nothing of it." -Bridget Bishop

"I do plead not guilty. I am wholly innocent of such wickedness." -Mary Bradbury

"I am wronged. It is a shameful thing that you should mind these folks that are out of their wits." -Martha Carrier

"I can deny it to my dying day." -William Hobbs

"If it was the last moment to live, God knows I am innocent." -Elizabeth How

"They told me if I could not confess I should be put down into the dungeon and would be hanged, but if I would confess I should save my life." -Margaret Jacobs

All which I hope your honors will take into your prudent consideration, and find it requisite so to do; for my life lies now in your hands, under God.-Rebecca Nurse