Testimony of John Cook v. Bridget Bishop

John Cooke aged about 18 yeares Testifieth that about five or 
Six yeares agoe One Morning about Sun rising as I was in bed before 
I rose I Saw goodwife Bishop alias Olliver Stand in the Chamber by 
the window and she looked On me & Grinn'd On me & presently 
 Struck me on the Side of the head w'ch did very much hurt me 
& Then I Saw her goe Out under the End #[of] window at a little Creviss 
about So bigg as I Could thrust my hand into [ ] I Saw her again the 
Same day w'ch was the Sabath day about noon walke across the 
room & having at that time an apple in my hand it flew Out of my 
hand into my mothers lapp who Sate Six or Eight foot distance 
from me & then She disapeard & though my mother & Severall oth- 
ers were in the Same room yet they afirmed they Saw her not

John Cooke apearid before us the Jarris of inquest and did owne 
this to be his testimony one the oath that he hath taken: 
this 2: dy of June 92.


Jurat in Curia 
(Reverse) John Cookes Witnis 
2'nd June 92