Testimony of John Bly, Sr and Rebecca Bly v. Bridget Bishop

John Bly sen'r and Rebecka Bly his wife of Salem, bothe Testifie 
and say that s'd Jn'o Bly Bought a Sow of Edw'd Bushop of Salem 
#[Labourer] Sawyer and by agreement with s'd Bushop was to pay the price 
agreed upon, unto L't Jeremiah Neale of Salem, and Bridgett the wife 
of said Edward Bushop because she could not have the mony or 
vallue agreed for, payd unto her, she [ ] to the house of the 
deponents in Salem and Quarrelled w'th t[ ] aboute it. #[and also 
then Threatened them sayeing]
soon after which the Sow haveing piged she was taken with Strainge fitts 
Jumping up. and knocking hir head against the fence and seemed blind and 
deafe and would not Eat neither Lett her pigs suck but foamed at 
the mouth, which goody hinderson heareing of sayd she beleived she 
was over-looked, and that thay had theire cattle ill in such a manner 
 at the Eastward when she lived there, and used to cure them by 
giveing of them Red Okar & Milk. which wee also gave the Sow. 
Quickly after eating of which she grew Better. and then for the 
Space of Neere Two howre[] togather she getting into the street did 
sett of Jumping & runing betweene the house of s'd deponents and 
s'd Bushops as if she ware stark mad; and after that was well againe 
and wee did then Apprehend. or Judge & doe still that s'd Bishop had 
bewitched s'd Sow


Jurat in Curia 

(Reverse) John Bly and wife
Jn'o Bligh
W'm Bligh
Rob. Bligh