Testimony of John Bly, Sr., and William Bly v. Bridget Bishop


In 1685, Bridget Bishop tore down Thomas Oliver's house and hired John Bly Sr.  (57 years old) and William Blye (15years old) to remove the cellar wall. The Bly's found holes in the wall filled with several poppets made up of rags and hog bristles with headless pins in them.

Actual Testimony:

June 2'th 1692 Jn'o Blye Senio'r aged about 57 yeers & William Blye 
aged about 15 years both of Salem Testifieth and saith that 
being Imployed by Bridgitt Bushup Alies Oliver of Salem To help
take downe the Celler wall of The owld house she formerly Lived
in wee the s'd Deponants in holes of the s'd owld wall Belonging To 
the s'd sellar found severall popitts made up of Raggs And ["And" 
written over "w'th"] hoggs Brusells w'th headles pins in Them w'th 
the points outward & This was about seaven years Last past

Jurat Curia 

(Reverse) [ ]pers ag't B: B: n'o 16: 10 
John Bly and W'm Bly 
Court Oy'r & Term'r held at Salem 2'd June. 92