Examination of Deliverance Hobbs

Deliverance. Hobbs. Exam'd May. 3. 1692. Salem prison

Q. W't have you done Since whereby there is further Trouble in 
your appearance?

An. Nothing att all.

Q. but have you nott Since bin Tempted?

An. yes S'r, but I have nott done itt, nor will nott doe itt.

Q. here is a great Change Since We last Spake to you, for now you 
Afflict & Torment againe; now Tell us the Truth Whoe Tempted you 
to Sighne againe?

An. itt was Goody Olliver; she would have mee to Sett my hand 
to the book, butt I would nott neither have I neither did consent 
to hurt them againe.

Q. was that True that Goody Wilds appeared to you & Tempted you?

An. yes, that was True.

Q. have you bin Tempted Since? #[ye]

An. yes, about fryday or Saturday night [ ]

Q. did they bid you that you should nott Tell?

An. yes thay Tould me soe.

Q. but how farr did thay draw you or Tempt you, & how f 
you yeild to the Temptation? but doe nott you acknowledge that 
was True that you Tould us formerly?

An. Yes.

Q. and you did sigh[ ] then att the first, did you Nott?

An. yes, I did itt is True.

Q. did you [ ]miss then to deny att last what you Said before?

An. yes, I did [ ] was Goody Oliver Alias Bishop that Tempted 
me to deny all that I had Confessed before.

Q. doe you nott know the man w'th the Wenne?

An. noe I doe nott know whoe itt is; all that I Confessed before 
is True.

Q. Whoe Were they you Named formerly?

An. Osburne, Good, Burroughs, Olliver, Wiles, Cory & his Wife, 
Nurse, Procter & his Wife.

Q. who Were w'th you in the Chamber? (itt being informed that 
Some were Talking w'th hir there).

An. Wilds and Bushop or Olliver, Good & Osburne, & they had a 
feast Both of Roast & Boyled meat & did eat & drink & would 
have had me to have eat & drank w'th them, but I would nott; 
& they would have had me Sighned, but I would nott then Nor whe[ ] 
Goody. Olliver came to me.

Q. Nor did nott you Con[torn] children in your likeness?

An.I doe nott know that I did.

Q. W is that you have to Tell, w'ch you canott Tell yett you 

(Reverse) Deliv'e Hobs her Examination & Testimony ag't procter 
 & wife & others 

Bridget Bishop