Of the 19 condemned to hang, only two death warrants survive; Bishop's is one of them:

To George Corwin Gent'm high Sherriffe of the County of 
Essex Greeting


Whereas Bridgett Bishop a[lbar ]s Olliver the wife of Edward Bishop of [Salem] in the County of Essex Sawyer at a speciall Court of  Oyer and Termin[er held at] Salem the second Day of this instant month of June for the Countyes of Esse[x] Middlesex and Suffolk  before William Stoughton Esq'r and his Associates J[ustices] of the said Court was Indicted and arraigned upon five severall [Seal]I[ndictments] for useing practiseing and exercisein[g] [on the Nyneteenth day of April] last past and divers other dayes and times [before and after certain acts of] Witchcraft in and upon the bodyes of Abigial Williams , Ann puttnam J[un'r] Mercy Lewis, Mary Walcott and Elizabeth Hubbard of Salem village singlewomen, whereby their bodyes were hurt, afflicted pined, consu[med] Wasted and tormented contrary to the forme of the Statute in that Case [made and] provided To which Indictm'ts the said Bridgett Bishop pleaded no[t guilty] and for Tryall thereof put her selfe upon God and her Country, where[upon] she was found guilty of the felo- nyes and Witchcrafts whereof she stood Indicted and sentence of Death accordingly passed ag't her as the Law directs, Execution whereof yet remaines to be done These are theref[ore] in the Name of their Maj'ties William and Mary now King & Queen [over] Eng- land &c to will and Comand you That upon fryday next being the  Tenth day of this instant month of June between the houres of Eight and twelve in the afternoon of the same day You safely con- duct the s'd Bridgett Bishop a[lbar ]s Olliver from their Maj'ties Gaol in Salem afores'd to the place of Execution and there cause her to be hanged by the neck untill she be de[ad] and of your doings here- in make returne to the Clerk of the s'd Court and pr'cept And here- of you are not to faile at your peril And this shall be [your] Suffi-cient Warrant Given under my hand & Seal at Boston. the Eig[hth day] of June in the fourth Year of the Reigne of our Sovereigne Lord and [Lady William & mary now King & Queen over England 
&c Annoq'e D[mbar ] : 1692;*Wm Stoughton 

June 10th -- 1692 
According to the Within Written precept I have taken the body of the within named Brigett Bishop of their Majes'ts Goale in Salem and Safely Conveighd her to the place provided for her Execu-tion and Caused the s'd Brigett to be hanged by the neck untill Shee was dead # [an d b uried in the pla] all which was according to the time within Required and So I make Returne by me George Corwin Sheriff