Bridget Bishop Arrested for witchcraft

February 25, 1680

On 25: 12: 1679 [i.e., Feb. 25, 1680], Bridget Oliver being presented for suspicion of witchcraft, it was ordered that the action be presented to the next Court of Assistants at Boston. 


She was not to be committed to prison or give bond. She gave a bond. 


Testimony of Wonn [Juan], a Negro Slave


Wonn, John Ingerson's Negro, testified that a month ago, going into the woods with the horses and sled, he took up his load of wood and came as far as Wm. Bean's house. Going back again into the woods between Norman's rocks and Fish Brook, by the swamp side, his horses started and snorted as if they were frightened, and would not go forward bur ran down into the swamp up to their bellies. They hauled the sled with them, and with much ado he got them out of their harness and from the swamp. 


About a week after, deponent going into the hay-house a little after noon to get hay for his horses, and a second time for hay for the cow, he saw the shape of Goody Oliver upon the beam with an egg in her hand. He stooped down to take up the rake or pitchfork to strike her, when she vanished. It was the shape of the said Goody Oliver, as nows she stands before the court. And being affrighted [I] run in presently to the house, and told my master what I saw. And afterwards, sitting at dinner, I saw two black cats, and we having one black cat of our own and no more, I said, how came two black cats here. And before my words were well out of my mouth I felt three sore grips or pinches on my side that made me cry out, and I had very much pain there, and soreness for half an hour after. 


When his horses ran into the swamp there were a little distance away John Lambert, Jonathan Pickering, and some youths who noticed it and said they never saw the like, and they thought the horses were bewitched. 


Sworn, 25: 12: 1679